Hey. Welcome to the home of the fruMailer project, my attempt to learn perl and get an email client I'm happy with.

4/11/2002, 12:29pm EDT
    java-0.2 just released. Lots of new functionality. Also, the perl version is now no longer under development, officially. They're almost equal in all areas, and there are places where the Java version is better. There's also a new website under construction, preview it here

3/9/2002, 3:44pm EST
    Well, frumailer-java-0.1 is out, whoopee. It's not much of a release, but it makes me feel like I'm making progress. Compatibility with the perl versions might be a hitch, but I don't think so. We're off, though.

3/1/2002, 2:36pm EST
    Announcing the Java version of the fruMailer project. In an attempt to make fruMailer more platform-independant, I have decided to work on a java version. Development of the perl version will probably continue, but the java version is coming. So far, I've got the SMTP and POP interface worked out, I'm working on the GUI (yayyy Swing) and mailbox processing. I think the main advantage of Java is that it will force me to be a little more modular...we'll see.

2/27/2002, 4:26pm EST
    Cool. Win32 v0.3 just came out, lots of new functionality. There's some semblance of a message cue, now, can store messages for later. Check out the changelog, there's too much stuf to list here. The Linux version isn't up tp speed yet, but that'll come soon, I hope.

12/28/2001, 8:52pm EST
    EEeeeeaaarrrcgghhhh. It's been a long day, but I've made a lot of progress. See the CVS Repository for details. Brain fuzzy. But we're getting closer to production. Does anyone have a sensical explanation of how the sort() function works?

11/19/2001, 10:52pm EST
    Ahh, linux. I've fixed some stuff in the linux version; you dual-booting fruMailer fans may notice increased similarity in the win32/linux versions, that's intentional. Sadly, I've had to break some stuff as well, since I'm working towards a single bit of code. Still trying. Still looking for advice/comments/polemics. More later!

11/14/2001, 12:06am EST
    Thanks to the Cygwin Project and the lusty, trusty efforts of my i-tech roommates, I have a way to resume development of my linux client alongside the windows client. Plus, I have learned a lot about ssh, TCP/IP and nervous breakdowns in the process. Anyway, the news is that a new release of the linux client will soon be forthcoming.
    Oh, sorry to those of you that are downloading the current .12 release of fruLinux...all the lines have the CR/LF ending instead of just the LF ending, since I edited it in windows. Sorry. .121 will be more functional. :)
    If anyone knows a good way for me to avoid the necessity of packages/activeperl in windows (or even Linux) please email me!!

11/8/2001, 8:14pm EST
    Big deal. MIME parsing and encoding is now as functional as I really ever want it to be. That's right, you can send and receive any kind of file in fruMailer now, I just only take responsability for the display of plaintext files. The message reader window now parses out web links in the message body, so you can use the HTML View config option to specify the command you use to view those. The Inbox display view is now populating forward instead of backwards (whoohoo). Oh, and I'm going to go right now and get a REAL changelog set up for the win32 package. Download away, mateys!

10/31/2001, 10:35pm EDT
    Some organizational changes. Since I effectively have two different email clients working (one for linux, one for windows), I have changed the packages on sf to reflect that. If you use windows, please download the frumailer-win32 packages, and if you use *nix (note: only tested on slackware linux running XFree86), please download from the -linux package. I have hidden all the previous releases of frumailer. Hey, one note on that. The frumailer-linux-0.12 release is in no way updated from the frumailer-0.12 release. There will be no further development on the linux version until I work out another solution. I will begin releasing files under the plain old frumailer package once the client is cross-platform.

    Also, I have CVS working again, and I have played with branches and filenames like I talked about above.

    I also added a news mailing list, just for the heck of it. You can find it on my sf project page
10/31/2001, 1:44pm EDT
    ::pant, pant:: FINALLY. After a couple weeks of recoding, I now have it to the point where I can slap up another wet, wild and wacky release of everybody's favorite email client. There it is. We're up to version 0.2 of the fruMailer project, and we're in windows. Cross-platform status is coming, I SWEAR. Right now, it works fairly well, check out the changelog on sf. Oh, yeah, one other thing. I haven't set up CVS in windoze yet, so don't be looking for that funky CVS download, if you have. Thanks for the downloads.
10/23/2001, 1:44pm EDT
    BAAAAD news. Because I am now mobile, I have had to make the cut. I'm not running linux anymore. Booooo!! Hisssss! Well, I still want to develop fruMailer, and what better way to develop than cross platform? So, I'm going to have to make some serious rewrites here, I think, but hopefully I'll get it up and running soon. Suggestions are helpful, and just click the big green fruMailer sign to send me an email. :)

8/18/2001, 2:30pm EDT
    Hey, hey hey! Online and I've got cable, boys and girls. Finally, I'm moved in to a house in town, and AT&T has been kind enough to grant me a high speed connection for only a pound of flesh and two vestial vigins a month. But, here I am, ready to start developing again. Now I just need to get settled again with where I left off. Thanks for the downloads!

6/9/2001, 2:20am EDT
    Well, I'm back in linux, and this time I'm mobile. The bad part, however, is that those who put my laptop together have seen fit to install a cursed winmodem, and it is the 3 Com MiniPCI modem, the one model that seems to be without a driver as yet...never have I run into such a wall in linux. ::sigh:: Anyway, I'm just booting into windows when I want to upload or download now, so I am not completely at a loss...however, I have to a) be in linux and b) be connected to the internet to do any really worthwhile testing of my email client, so progress is either a) going to be really slow for the next few months, or b) it's going to be soley in the areas of interface and so on. I figure this is a prime time to figure out the delete issue, as well as figure out what basic features I have yet to implement. Perhaps I will look into using localhost as my servers...which will be interesting. Tomorrow, my goal is to get a release of the latest code up as a celbration of my return to linux, but who knows what the future holds. KEep the downloads coming, and don't be shy!!

5/11/2001, 2:20am EDT
    Check out the new help wanted section below the news section! Bad news for fuMailer fans. (all 33 of them :)) I am home home now, which means I only have a 56k connection available, and that isn't on my box with my code on it. Sigh. There are plans to purchase a modem for my big box, but that wont happen until I get paid next friday. Updates on the bugs: I STILL haven't fixed the message ordering thing, but I've narrowed it down to a problem with the informaiton returned from the server. Next release will include a log file/window, which I hope will greatly assist in debugging. Please email me with your ideas!! I know you're out there!! Delete is working now, I'm pretty sure, but the keybinding to the "Delete" keysym isn't working. (I have it bound to a double right click now) Why, I'll never know. Next release scheduled for end of may, early june. Please email me!! or click on thenifty (GIMP) logo at the top of this page here.

5/1/2001, 4:15pm EDT
    Another release, frumailer-0.12, available from sourceforge (download link to the left). New focus for me: There's a bug with the ordering of messages, I hope I've fixed it, but I don't know, and won't until I can get some more emails. Any help from those who have downloaded would be appreciatioed. On that note, I see 9 dls on my project's site....are people REALLY downloading this alREADY? Whoa.

4/29/2001, 2:00am EDT
    Great news! fruMailer-0.1, the first funtional release of my excellent email client has just been released. EVERYBODY DOWNLOAD NOW!! ( :) )

4/28/2001, 9:40pm EDT
    Well, the nifty website is up now. Yayy. Screenshots, files, everything.
Help Wanted

  • Sorting messages? The documentation on sort() for both the standard perl function and the Mail::Folder function is sadly unhelpful. I'd like to present options for date, from, subject, etc.
  • Message order? I've figured out that it has something to do with the order of the messages returned from the server. I just can't figure out why the numbers get screwed up. Hmm.