0.3 (CVS 1.15)
	can now have message queue -> queue message, view q, delete from q, send from q, etc.
	       cannot send entire q at once yet, will come later.
	more fixes on 'box parsing -> MUCH better
	fixed html links
	highlight filtering works
	file filtering works (pretty much)
	message deletion
	sentbox ordering fixed
	inbox ordering fixed
	message parsing fixed
	filter dialogs added
0.2 (CVS 1.13)
	MIME parsing/encoding
	http link parsing
	changelog started

0.2 4/11/2002
	started implementing threads
	address book started
		only manual right now, need some way of looking up or using nicknames
	highlight filter support added
		get individual cell rendering so can display colors rather than "Color"
	file filter support added
		find a way to get the message out of the main inbox
		should probably move the filing code to the boxParser class
	config dialog fixes
	sentbox added
	minor gui changes
	code cleanup
	major rewrites to box display coding
	box parsing now modular
        outbox added -> not finished yet
0.1 3/9/2002
	happy birtday lauren!
	initial revision